Summer Garden Favorites

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                  I have been going through a lot of my old photos lately and thought I would share
                   a few of my favorite shots of our summer garden ~ hope you enjoy coming along.
                                                   I love to have different places to sit to enjoy
                                                  all aspects of the garden.
                                                  A balcony view looking toward the pond ....facing east.
                                                Looking forward to lilac season again!

                                        Love the color combination of the coneflowers , plum
                                        bee balm and phlox on a misty morning.
                                The most colorful time in our garden is early August.
                                                    Love the different hydrangeas ~ this is a shot taken
                                                    from the road.
                                         Early summer ~ looking toward the pond.
                                        Another balcony view facing west this time. Our Gardener's Cottage in
                                       the distance with over 60 garden bus tours booked this summer we may
                                       have to hire a part time garden helper this year. For many years Andrew
                                      and I did all the 'work' ourselves but last year our son helped out and
                                      hopefully we will again this year.

                                           Late July in our Chelsea garden ~ time for tea?

                                                         A painterly effect.
                                                  Martha in her sheltered garden.
                                               A garden view from the screened porch.
                                           The arbor that Andrew built several years ago
                                                      has aged nicely.
                                               Love tall and stately delphiniums.

                           Just looking at all this color makes me excited for the return of our garden.
                                        The view from the north veranda looking toward our barn.
                                     I am happy that this photo was published in the new
                                     Porches and Gardens magazine on the stands now.
                                      Looking forward to having lunch in here again.

                                                    The rose garden has really filled in the past
                                                     couple of years ~ it is at the south side of the
                                                    Gardener's Cottage. If you would like to see
                                                    inside our little Gardener's Cottage click here
                                                    to see the different looks it has had.

                                                    I am sure all of you gardeners are looking
                                                    forward to getting out in your gardens too.

                                                                                    Thank you for visiting,


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Summer Garden Favorites
Summer Garden Favorites
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