Little Brown Jug

                                                                    Happy Weekend!
                                    Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. It is sunny but cool here
                              today ~ perfect for this time of year.
                                      I seem to remember a song from way back that went .....little brown
                              jug how I love thee so that is what popped into my head when thinking of
                              a tittle for my post today.

                              I know I shared photos of it not long ago but I love this little vignette
                             that I did in a small corner in the kitchen.
I love how the old wooden thrift shop mirror reflects the cupboard
with one of my favorite birdhouses on it.

           Another vignette in the works in our library on the mantel. I will be replacing the artificial
                     trees with real greenery and berries soon and adding some lights.
                       I love the handmade wreath made from pages from an old book by a friend of my daughters.

                      I am guessing it wouldn't take me so long to put up my Christmas decorations if I didn't
                      stop to take so many pics but all part of the fun for me!

                     I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Saturday Show-off today.

                          Thank you for visiting,

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Little Brown Jug
Little Brown Jug
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