Be My Guest

                                                            Good Morning!

                             On the sunny but cold winter day,I thought you might enjoy
                             being pampered with breakfast in bed in our blue and white
                             guest room.
                            You might notice that I have a passion for toile.
                         There is a comfy chair for you to sit and read for awhile.

                                     A healthy breakfast for you ~ fruit,yogurt,cheese.
                                     homemade flatbread,orange juice and tea.

                                                 A vintage bedjacket

                Linger awhile if you like ~ after all how often to get
                         breakfast in bed?  Go ahead and be my guest!

                         I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape
                         Thursday and My Romantic Home for Show & Tell.

                                                           Enjoy your day!

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Be My Guest
Be My Guest
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