Japanese Pressed Flower Exhibition

                                                                     Hello everyone,

                                          I hope you all had a great weekend ~ a special one
                                          for all Dad's especially!

                                                 I wanted to pop in quickly to share
                                                a few photos of the Japanese Pressed
                                               Flower Exhibition that we went to at
                                               the Stratford Town Hall on Saturday.
                              I am sorry for the glare on the photos but you can see
                             the delicate beauty of the pictures made with very
                            tiny pressed flowers.
                                   This is a vignette in our home that a beautiful
                                  bouquet of pressed flowers have been added
                                  the vase.

There were several beautiful
versions of Green Gables.
Even the siding on the house is
made from plant material.

                                                          This angel statue is
                                                         also from our home~
                                                         with a
                                                        lovely bouquet here.
                                                  Anne and Matthew at Green Gables ~
                                                 so much detail!
                                                       Anne and Matthew in a field of
                                                               The angel at home!
                          My photos do not do their work justice so
                                   if you have time tomorrow drop in and see
                                   them at the Stratfort Town Hall ~it is your
                                  last chance!
                                     Tomorrow all 40 of these artists are coming
                                   to visit our home and garden in the afternoon
                                  after our morning tour of over 20 visitors also
                                 from Japan.
                                      So, I better get my beauty rest so I will be
                                fresh as a daisy!!!

                                              Take care,
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Japanese Pressed Flower Exhibition
Japanese Pressed Flower Exhibition
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