Vintage Books ~ Christmas

                                                                       Hello everyone,

                                       I had lots of plans for today but somehow they
                                      didn't materialize.So,the only thing pretty that
                                      I got done today was to do a couple of little
                                      vintage book displays with a touch of Christmas.

                                        However,I did get to go to a Christmas concert
                                      for a couple of our grandchildren this afternoon ~
                                      so cute to see the little ones singing their hearts out,
                                      so the day was not a total loss!
                                                   I love how these books are perfectly aged.

                                                       The little skates seemed like a good match
                                                       for this Hans Brinker book.

                                     It is a very dark mild rainy day here so
                                                not the best for indoor photography but
                                                I managed to get enough natural light
                                                by the bay window.

                                                                   Thank you for visiting,

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Vintage Books ~ Christmas
Vintage Books ~ Christmas
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