Winter White

                                                            I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We enjoyed
                                                            several family get togethers over the past week and
                                                            even a bit of downtime.
                                                                We had a warm green Christmas this year and
                                                            still no sign of snow....quite a change from last year.

I am still enjoying our Christmas decorations and plan to leave it 
up until after New Years Day.

                                                   Warm winter whites ~ the paper wreath was made by
                                                   a friend of my daughter's.
                                                       Last years Christmas vignette.
                                                      A garden theme in the sunroom.
                                                    I am looking forward to studying some photography tutorials
                                                    in the quieter time in January. What hobbies do you enjoy in
                                                Christmas in our kitchen/ dining room
                                                           this year.

                                                            I am joining Lavender Cottage for
                                                            Mosaic Monday today.

                                                                    Thank you for your visit and for
                                                              all the good wishes for our family this

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Winter White
Winter White
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