Going Vintage Style

                                                                Hello everyone,
                              I hope you had a nice Spring weekend. I have enjoyed seeing our garden slowly starting to wake up. I love taking a little stroll around to see what is popping up as each day brings new growth.
      Last week I did a little photo shoot on "Going Vintage". I found this old suitcase up in our attic awhile ago that I had forgotten was there. I gave it a coat of white paint for starters but I would like to reline the interior of it someday.A vintage crinoline,hand crochet linens and tulips complete this picture.
                                     Image you are living at Downton Abbey and going by train to London for a few days. The antique tea dress hanging on the hanger is from the 1920's so we better pack it for an afternoon tea in Auntie's garden.

                                                         Close up of the delicate details.

                                  The dress below and the camisole above both came from Time Worn Treasures and Antiques one of my favorite shops in town.
                         Just so you know it even came in my size so now I am all set for a Downton Abbey Tea - I am hoping to do a fundraiser Downton Abbey Tea in our garden this summer. I will keep you posted later on the details for any of you who may be interested in attending.

                 Well, I had fun going away in Vintage Style-hope you did too!

                     Thank you for visiting,
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Going Vintage Style
Going Vintage Style
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