My Exciting News!

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                           I have some exciting news to share today. Many of you over the past few years have encouraged me to do a book/magazine of my photos so I decided to take your advice and just do it! So, after putting in a lot of time on the computer going over all my photos from the past few years I have finally completed it!!!
                                It was hard to pick which ones to use. I wanted to use a little mix of garden, tea party and cottage photos.
                         It has 82 pages with over 185 photos in it for your enjoyment!
                                My good friend Snow and I enjoyed many hours together working on the text (Snow has a real gift for writing and is a fun person to work with) and then we added a few more photos we just couldn't leave out.Thank you Snow-can't wait until we can work on the next one! Ha!Ha!
                                                                The back cover.
It was pretty exciting to get the first shipment of books delivered.

                     Thank you to all of you for your encouragement and to my family and friends  as well. It was fun putting it together and I hope you will enjoy it.

It is available to buy or preview through MagCloud just click on the link below

MagCloud will ship to many different countries as well so check it out if you are interested.

For any local readers it will soon be available at Time Worn Treasures and Antiques - There is even a book signing scheduled there for Saturday,May 25th!

I am giving away one of my books to two of my readers anywhere in the world so if you would like to be entered in my giveaway please leave a comment and I will draw two random numbers on May 15th.

Feel free to spread the word by taking the photo on my right sidebar- thank you!

Good luck!!!

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My Exciting News!
My Exciting News!
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