A Friendship Tea

                   Hello everyone,

                           It is hard to believe it is September
                         already. I love all the seasons but I
                       have to admit I like to hang onto 
                      summer as long as I can so I am
                      hoping for a few more weeks of
     warm summer days.

                                      This beautiful Sadler teapot was one of a few
                                gifted to me by a fellow dish lover friend .
                               Thank you, Penelope...I love it!


                                                           I had just bought this Sadler teacup a few
                                                           weeks before.......serendipity

Tea and sugar cookies.

                                                           Happy September to all of you!
                                                                    I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage
                                                                    for Tea Time Tuesday.

                                                                         Thank you for visiting,

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A Friendship Tea
A Friendship Tea
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