Catch the Bouquet

                                                         I hope you had a great weekend.
                                                         We were busy here with a few
                                                         tours and a photo shoot.
                                             When these beautiful bouquets were not
                                              in use , I did a little photo shoot of my
                                               own for you.
                                                    I love the romantic look of these bouquets.


                                                                   A basket of posies.
                         Saturday was a beautiful day but Sunday when we had
                                 close to 60 visitors from Japan we had warm showers
                                 off an on all day but it didn't seem to dampen their spirits
                                 and the garden is still holding up pretty good for this time
                                 of the year.

                                                            Hope you have a good week and
                                                            thank you for visiting me today.

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Catch the Bouquet
Catch the Bouquet
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