Late Season Beauties

                                         I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We had some summery                                                                 weather here so we made the most of it ~ touring
                                         the Island from one end to the other.

                                         This morning I went out to the garden to pick some
                                          flowers for bouquets to indoors.The roses are
                                          still giving me a few blooms to enjoy.
                                                      I love this late season beauty.

                                                   A few bouquets from last week.
                                                     Even a single rose adds charm.

                                                 My morning beauties are now being enjoyed
                                                 in the kitchen.
                  I am joining Lavender Cottage today for Mosaic Monday with
                           Judith .
                               Well, I have been invited for tea with some of my good friends
                            so I better pick another bouquet to take along with me.

                                                            Thanks for visiting,

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Late Season Beauties
Late Season Beauties
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