Colorful Vintage Style

                                    I mentioned earlier that my friend Snow and I gave
                                    The Gardener's Cottage a vintage style makeover so
                                    today I am sharing some photos of it with you.
                                   There is a screen between the enclosed garden and the
                                   cottage but soon we will be closing the little french doors
                                   for the winter months.
                                        We covered the chairs with vintage chenille bedspreads
                                   and the little footstool with pretty fabric.

                                                             Love the bouquet.
                                On the other side of the room is the old iron bed with Snow's
                                colorful linens. Even the window treatments have gone vintage.

                                   The vanity dresser was a 70 mile yard sale find several
                                   years ago.
                                                           Lots of pretty pinks.

                                                            A pink vintage alarm clock.

                             It is fun to see the difference fabric and a few accessories can make
                                      in a short time.
                                      If you would like to see several  looks for The Gardener's Cottage
                                      you can click Here.

                                     There is an Etsy Show at the Murphy Center on Saturday where you can
                                     stop by and visit  my friend Snow and see her beautiful handcrafted articles
                                     that are for sale. There will be other Island artists etc. as well.

                                                                        Thank you for visiting,


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Colorful Vintage Style
Colorful Vintage Style
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