Soft Brown & White Transferware

                                                                             Happy November!

                                                         I hope you are enjoying this first weekend
                                                         of November. It is a bit of a wet one here.
                                                           I went to my first Christmas Show of the
                                                         season ~ it was at the East Link Center( Civic Center).
                                                         There are lots of lovely booths and my friend Snow
                                                         has a cozy booth at the back ~ pop in and hello!
Although, we still have lots of color here this year
so far, I tend to think of November as a more subdued
month with more grey days and long cozy evenings.

                                                            So just a few soft brown and white shots today.
                                                            You know I love my transferware in
                                                            all colors!

                                                           I love the handle on this teapot.

                                              A collage of some of my brown and white toile
                                             and transferware.

                                                    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Soft Brown & White Transferware
Soft Brown & White Transferware
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