The Christmas Nook

                                             As soon as we had our first snowfall I
                                             went down to our Boathouse with my
                                             Camera and took a few shots of the
                                            little nook all decked out for the Christmas
                                            season. It was the perfect calm day as the
                                             trees are reflecting in the pond and the snow
                                            covering the ground and trees was so beautiful.

                                                               Candles,pinecones and lights.

                                                        The vintage red and white handmade quilt
                                                         adds just just the right touch.
                                                                   A wider view.
                                                   A cup of tea and a Christmas magazine
                                                   and I am ready to enjoy the nook.

                                       This little nook is one of my favorite plaves
                                                  to relax with a good book.Hope you enjoyed
                                                 a peek at it in it's winter/Christmas glory!

                                                   If you would like to see an autumn look click here
                                                  and for a summer look click here
                                                     I have some photos of the rest of the Christmas
                                                  Boathouse to share soon.

                                                                       Thank you for your visit!

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The Christmas Nook
The Christmas Nook
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