The Little Details

                                                The mild weather returned here yesterday
                                                 so I was able to get all my bulbs planted
                                                 with visions of spring beauty in my head
                                                 while trying to find a bare spot in the garden
                                                 beds to jam them in!
                                                     Today,I am sharing some of the little details
                                                in the Boathouse. I love these old tartan picnic
                                                      A little shelf holds a couple of feather trees and a
                                                      reindeer as well as the berry wreath and toile bag.

A simple tree in a galvanized bucket.

On the bedside table.

                                              Some enamalware with greenery.

                                                           Love red and white.

Time for tea?

Curl up and read for awhile
after a cup of tea.....or maybe
two ~ it is a big teapot!

          Well, that's it for today but in
        the next day or two I will be
           back with the rest of the story!

       Thank you for visiting,

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The Little Details
The Little Details
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