One Bay Window~ Several Looks

                                                                 Hello everyone,
                 I didn't have a chance to take any new photos the last couple of days so I am sharing some shots of some of the different looks our bay window in our kitchen/dining room has had over the past few years.
                                              The french styled chairs had a season  in the bay too.
           The chaise is a pretty comfy place to read or enjoy a cup of tea while taking in the view of the garden and enjoying the bird songs.

                                             The iron garden bench came indoors for awhile.
                                              A table and chairs made for a good tea time spot.
          Or a good place to write in my journal(oophs,another bad hair day for me)!
                                         Love the golden light of the early morning sunshine.
                                           The dining table area ,looking toward the bay.
                                       Sorry, for this washed out photo-but you get the idea.
                 And of course,a bay window is perfect for our Christmas tree.
           The comfy chair was there for awhile before going out to the Gardener's Cottage.
 This is the view in the spring looking out the bay window of the garden and the pond.

   Hope you enjoyed some of the different looks in our bay window.

  Have a wonderful day!

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One Bay Window~ Several Looks
One Bay Window~ Several Looks
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