The Toile Room

                                                                 Hello everyone,
        It was a beautiful sunny day here again and with March on the horizon I could feel the promise of spring in the air. With a few half finished projects on the go,I wasn't sure what to share with you today.
             So, I think it has been awhile since I shared pics of our toile guest room so for those of you who have seen it before-hopefully you won't mind another peek around. The wallpaper was a neat find at Marden's for $2 a double roll. The pillows and comforter were a thrift shop find that were a perfect match. The vintage bedspread at the end of the bed came from the70 mile yardsale last fall.
                                                 A small tray with a toile tea set.
                                 A lacy ivory vintage nightgown and a feminine lacy pillow.
                                                        A cameo box for your pearls.
                                               Pretty pink roses for the bedside table.
             This antique nightgown is all handstitched and was a gift from my neighbour made by her maiden aunt.
                                           Some lace on display.

              Well, that is our brown and white toile guest room. I guess I didn't show the pine board floors but I am thinking of painting them white soon. Anyone have any advise on how well they stand up to traffic-not that we have a lot of guests scuffing up the floors but you never know!

Thank you for visiting,

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The Toile Room
The Toile Room
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