Romantic Antique Whites

                                                                 Hello everyone,
                              Well here we are already welcoming in the month of February. I love how the sun seems stronger and we actually gain 71 minutes of daylight this month. And besides that February is the month of romance with Valentine's Day right in the middle.
    Yesterday, I had a fun day out with friends that started with the best breakfast I ever had at a friend's home(more on that later) and then my friend Heather and I made a stop at Lori's Timeworn Treasures and Antiques (more on that later too) where I bought the beautiful antique camisole above. I have always wanted one of these but never ran across one before. This one is about one hundred years old- reminds me of my favorite show Downton Abbey.
                               Love the handwork on this-is it tatting or crochet? Does anyone know?

                 This must be my most photographed lingerie. I love the sparkly lace and the soft peachy pink color.
                                                            Fake but still pretty.
                              Romantic! Did you notice the ladies hand crochet purse-it is a yardsale find from last summer. Love the beaded gloves too.
                                    Romantic toile pillow also from Lori's shop last summer.
                                        Little china replica of antique children's boots.

                                                               Lacy hearts

                                                        Vintage teacup.

                                              An antique transferware jug.

            With the mild weather we had for a couple of days a lot of our snow has disappeared but the good news is our pond melted and then froze again today -nice and smooth. I did get out for a short skate on it today but hoping our families can come for a nice skate or two on the weekend.

Wishing you  a wonderful weekend!

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Romantic Antique Whites
Romantic Antique Whites
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