Snowy Days

                                                       Hello everyone,
      We had a blizzard here that lasted a couple of days but late this afternoon the sun came out and the wind died down so I guess you could say we have weathered another one!
         This is a shot I took after our Monday storm. It was so cute to see these little love birds(mourning doves) sitting on the snowy branch by the bird feeder.
                                  Peeking through the trees at our new 'boathouse'.

                          This is a photo from a previous winter in our garden. Love seeing the bluejays and the northern flicker together as they shared the suet.
                           This is just before our last storm. Love when the trees are laden with snow.
  The next few shots were taken on our drive a few days ago to Rustico and on to Cavendish.

      The Sandspit a summer attaction is Cavendish looked rather pretty in the snow.
             I liked the cow up on the roof of the Cow's Icecream store.
                   This was shot late this afternoon so you can see we got a bit of snow but now the sun is shining again.
                            It took about an hour to shovel out our driveway and walkway-not as bad as we thought it would be.
 It was a nor'easter so it blew snow onto our veranda so maybe I should have moved my poor old rocker but then we wouldn't have had this pretty picture!

Hope you all faired out well  if you were hit by this storm-I think many were without power in the New England states so I hope that it has been restored for everyone now. I think that is it for snowstorms for awhile- I heard we are getting rain in a couple of days.

Thanks for visiting,
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Snowy Days
Snowy Days
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