The Road to Avonlea

                                                               Hello everyone,
       On this beautiful winter day we decided to take a drive to Cavendish  to enjoy the sights along the way, and check out the beauty of the little village of Avonlea. If any of you are fans of Anne,  the imaginative little red haired orphan from Lucy Maud Montgromery's book , 'Anne of Green Gables' you have heard of Avonlea village. Several years ago,Avonlea village was created in Cavendish as a tourist attraction and is a busy spot most summer days. In winter,however it is deserted no sign of Anne or even a tourist! It is so pretty to see though with a coat of white sparkly snow. Although it was sunny at home, at the time I was walking the streets of Avonlea it was a mix of sun and cloud.
        Oh! so pretty.

      Are you still with me?
            Some of the buildings are old ones moved in,while others are new. In the summer there are shops  open, and places to buy food or drinks such as Raspberry Cordial.

  While we are in Anne's Land we might as well stop by Green Gables and see if Marilla has the teapot on!
           or see if Matthew is in the barn milking the cows.

     Well, it is time for me to curl up by the fire with a good book- hmm...maybe The Road to Avonlea (also by L.M. Montgromery)!
 Thanks for coming along with me,
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The Road to Avonlea
The Road to Avonlea
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