Evening Reflections

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                            A few days ago after a rainy day the sun suddenly burst out and it was                                       perfectly calm and everything looked all sparkly from the rain. As luck would have it                             my husband had to go to the north shore so I happily jumped in the car with camera                             in hand to try to capture some of the beauty of the evening.
                 Some of you may recognize this as one of my favorite summer places- North Rustico.
                                                       Skimming across the water.
                       There were beautiful clouds in the sky as well as beautiful light.
                                     All the fishing boats lined up perfectly in the harbour.
                                                It is a charming little village.

                                This was along the way -such perfect reflection.

               I was delighted to have this blue heron pose for me along the still waters.

I certainly enjoyed my little unexpected journey in the calm of the evening and hope you 
 didn't mind coming along for the ride.

Thank you for visiting,
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Evening Reflections
Evening Reflections
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