Get Comfy & Cosy

                                                              Hello everyone,
                                With the cooler days of Autumn it is nice to take a relaxing afternoon tea
                               in the comfort of home.We have had some cooler days and evenings here,
                               but also some warm muggy days ~ typical for our Island September weather.
                               So, on a cool day it was nice to have tea on the chaise in the bay window
                               looking out into the garden.
                                  A nice cup of tea and a good book makes for a lovely tea break don't you think?                                       When I was growing up I remember my Mom always freshened up in the middle of the                                  afternoon and sat down to enjoy a nice cup of tea and maybe a letter from                                                   home(Holland).
                               It was a habit that stayed with her and even now she still enjoys a little cup of tea.

                                         The sun popped out and warmed things up a bit!
        Hope you enjoyed a nice little break in your busy day!

  Today, I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

                                                                Thank you for visiting,
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Get Comfy & Cosy
Get Comfy & Cosy
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