Make your own Silver Wind Chimes

Hello everyone,

I thought you might like to see these pretty wind chimes that make a lovely sound in
the garden on a breezy day.
All you need is a pretty silver sugar bowl,teapot or creamer and some old silver flatware.
With a metal drill bit make 5 small holes in the bottom of the silver piece and the top of the silver flatware,
then use fishing line , thread each flatware piece though the hole and tie tightly then push the other end of the line  through the hole in the silver dish and  through a small button - up one side and down the other-then tie a tight knot and do the same with the rest of the flatware. The flatware on this one hangs below the creamer about 4 inches. Drill a small hole in the top of each side of the creamer and put a strong piece of fishing thread through it long enough to hang down from a tree etc. tie it tightly and you are good to go!

It looked pretty hanging in the elderberry bush and sounded good too!

                                      Just as pretty though in the limelight hydrangea.

                                              The birds love these elderberries.
                                 The cedar waxwings seem to enjoy them.This year we had them nesting in our garden again and I saw a baby fledgling for the first time leaving the nest-alas,no camera.
                       Saint Francis garden statue watching over the birds in the garden.
                               Have a good day and thank you for visiting!


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Make your own Silver Wind Chimes
 Make your own Silver Wind Chimes
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