My 70 Mile Yard Sale Treasures

                                                            Hello everyone,
                            I thought I would share some of my treasures from last weeks 70 mile
                           yard sale on the eastern end on the Island.One of my favorite finds was
                           this old iron bed for the boathouse for $10. It inspired me to do a little
                           makeover in the boathouse.....yep already!
                                      I changed the way the bed goes in the boathouse and seems bigger this way.
                                 The old solid wood green door in the corner was from the same location -$5.
                The white wicker chair was $25-I will give you a better look at it soon but it might be a
                 different color.
                                                 Love the chippy green of the bed.
                             This beautiful handwoven green picnic basket was $30. I love it and
                              think I will store some lace and linens in it.
                                                 This old handmade pillow was $2.
                                           The beautiful old christening gown was $10 and the rack
                                        it is on was $2.
                                 The aluminium boat with 3 seats was definitely my biggest purchase. It has 3                                     seats in it so it is perfect for our grandchildren too.
                                 I got some other smaller things but have not photographed them yet. I think I
                                 did pretty good getting these treasures and it was a fun day-albeit a long one.
                                 My husband thought they should rename it the 12 hour yardsale-I am pretty
                                 sure he was happy I went with a friend this year!
                  Just a few quick shots to give you an idea of the sale. Tables were set up at homes or        businesses all along the road for least 70!

                                    Almost forgot - I bought a new birdhouse too,similar to the one on the left                                       $10.

                                     There are always antiques at several sites.
                                We enjoyed this stop down in Murray Harbour-lots of variety.

Lots of traffic!

                                         Passed by this pretty country church.
                                                        Country scenes.
    We enjoyed our picnic lunch here by the lighthouse in Point Prim.

    I was a lovely day!

  Hard to believe the weekend is here again- I better stay home this weekend and get some work done
  we have some tours from Japan over the next couple of weeks and then time to do the fall clean up
 in the garden. However, we are promised some warm sunny days this weekend so I am looking
forward to enjoying them.

I am joining Show & Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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My 70 Mile Yard Sale Treasures
My 70 Mile Yard Sale Treasures
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