Garden Vignettes and Family Fun Night

Hello everyone,
 I hope you week is going well. Even though I haven't been posting here quite as much lately,I have been taking lots of photos so today I am sharing a few that I took in the last couple of weeks.

The door step on the boathouse vignette.

                             Soon,I will take some photos of the inside to share with you.
                             A pretty bouquet of what is blooming in the garden now.
Pretty pink geraniums.

                                                        A beautiful dalhia.
                                           This foxglove was a late bloomer.
           Last year I bought a couple of Strawberry Vanilla hydrangeas and I am very pleased with them. They are heavy bloomers already and I love how early in the season they are two toned white with pink before turning a deep pink by the end of August.
                           Setting up our garden table for family fun night.
               Some of our grandchildren enjoying splashing their feet in the pond.
                                                         Family fun nights sure are fun!

Relax by the pond for awhile-where did those little ducks go?

Thank you for visiting!

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Garden Vignettes and Family Fun Night
Garden Vignettes and Family Fun Night
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