A Sunroom Christmas Tea

                                                               Hello everyone,
      I hope you enjoyed your weekend. There is a definite chill in the air here now but so far nary a flake of snow even though some parts of Canada had a good snowfall.
                     On Saturday, I thought I should clean up the sunroom and give it some Christmas color. I find I am loving red and white this year so it is showing up in a few rooms for the Christmas season.
                    When it was cleaned up what better why to enjoy then with a nice cup of tea in my old red and white transferware teacup.
                               The urn got dressed up with some greenery from the garden.

            I love these sheep cookies that my friend Heather made for me-she probably thought I would eat them all but good as they are-they are just too pretty to eat!

                            I love my red and white transferware all year long but especially at Christmas time.
          I moved my paperwhites up here as they needed some cooler night temps to slow them down.

                                                        Love this angel-don't you?

           I am to be slower getting our house decorated this year maybe because we are not on a Christmas house tour as we were the last few years but it is slowly coming. I am working on our bedroom now and will soon share pics of it. Can you guess the color scheme? If you guessed red and white go to the head of the class!  Ha!Ha!

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Teatime Tuesday today.

Well, now that I have had my tea I think I will go back to my Christmas decorating.

Take care,

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A Sunroom Christmas Tea
A Sunroom Christmas Tea
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