Christmas at The Homestead

                                                            Hello everyone,
      Today, I am taking you along on a Christmas tour of one of my favorite shops in Summerside ~ The Homestead. I love the old Holman homestead that this shop is located in-it is just so full of charm with beautiful woodwork and lots of nooks and crannies. It is the perfect place to display all their home decor.
                                       Lets go in through this beautiful old door and check it out.
                                            Lots of traditional reds and greens this year.
                                                They have a little bit of everything!

                                                       Beautiful china in this lovely cabinet.

                                       Every year this stairway is decorated differently.This year it was done with burlap,red balls and plaid ribbons.Santa's coat matches perfectly.
                              I loved this green wooden cone and it could be used all year.
                                                A cute little nook in the old back stairway.
                             I also loved this and they sell the stamped burlap ribbon so you can make your own wreath.
                                       There is a lot of primative homespun look decor.

                                            So many rooms with interesting Christmas decor.

 I didn't photograph the second floor but it has lots of beautiful braided rugs,art and some antiques.
So,the next time you are in Summerside be sure to check it out!

Thank you for coming along,

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Christmas at The Homestead
Christmas at The Homestead
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