Friendly Village

Hello everyone,
 Yesterday,I started to a little pre Christmas decorating just so I can enjoy the process in a more leisurely manner.

One of the displays I always enjoy is my collection of The Friendly Village and similar dishes put back up in the cabinet for the season. I had blue and white transferware in here before.

                        This 3 tiered plate was a Christmas gift from my good friend Heather a few years ago..
                                 This platter was one I found at Coulson's in Summerside. I haven't seen a lot of platters like this so it was a good find for me.
                            I love the nice winter scene on these plates.

                                     Friendly Village teacup.

                      Just a couple of photos from last year using my Friendly Village .

   I made these two pillows for my daughter this week and she was happy to get them.

Well,just a peek at some early Christmas/winter decorating. I have all kinds of ideas for things I would like to do so I better get busy!

If you would like to see an old post of mine( before I got my Canon Rebel camera) with these dishes used in a romantic fireside dinner for Winter Solstice click here and if you would like to see what it looked like a couple of days ago with blue and white transferware go here.

Today I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show Off Saturday.

Happy weekend!
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Friendly Village
Friendly Village
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