Paperwhites in the Porch

                                                     Hello everyone!

                  I love to have paperwhites growing this time of year as they should bloom for the Christmas season giving a natural look and a little bit of an indoor garden.
               They look pretty growing in different containers. This year I am going with a French look.

                                  These beautiful roses are still bringing me joy.

                           My garden angel resides in the porch for the winter tucked into a corner.
                           I love this morror that came from Cool Breeze in Summerside a few years ago.
I am going to put some winter greenery in my old watering cans soon.

 I am off to a tea for the Queen's Jubilee at the Culinary Institute that I just heard about this afternoon. I hope I can take a few pics to share.

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Paperwhites in the Porch
Paperwhites in the Porch
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