A Cup of Comfort

                                                                   Hello everyone,
                            It is a beautiful sunny day here but lots of rain is in the forecast~quite a
                            change in temperature for us but we'll take it!
                             I am excited to have a new camera to play with. It is a Canon 60D and
                             I am loving it! However, I have to practice using it so I have been taking
                             lots of indoor shots.
         When I saw this cute mug I pictured it full of hot cocoa and since I have been craving it lately,why not
         enjoy it on a crisp winter day. In case you are interested, I make my hot cocoa the old fashioned way
         that my Mom used to make for us. I use a couple of heaping tablespoons of cocoa, a few cubes of
         organic brown sugar and a little water to make a paste,stir over med. heat just until boiling and then I
         add almond milk and heat until hot. Add some whipped cream and mashed candy cane for
         garnish if you like and enjoy!
           I know Christmas is over but there is still time to enjoy a 'Cup of Comfort'.
        I love these little sheep decorations that I got in Quebec City.
               Not really on the topic but I do need to practice ~ some of my Mason (Vista) dishes.

I have been busy working on a new book(Magcloud) and if you guessed Tea Time themes you are 
very clever!!! I am hoping to have it done before spring.

                                         I hope you too enjoy a 'cup of comfort' this weekend!


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A Cup of Comfort
A Cup of Comfort
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