Winter Beauty

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                                 I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are celebrating our
                                 daughter's birthday by going out for dinner with her and some of
                                 the family.Our oldest daughter and her family have been hit with
                                 a nasty flu bug that is going around.
                                       A few days ago I had fun with Lila outdoors just before the
                                snow storm hit so I am sharing a few of the pics that I took of her.
                                I found this cute little cute at a thrift shop ~ it has old fashion appeal.
                                The muff is part of a skating costume. I love the boots that also came
                                from one of my thrifting forays.
                               I got the inspiration for this shot from pinterest ~ always fun to get ideas there.
                                                       What could be cuter ~ unless it is the model herself!

                                         Lila looks so much like her Mama at that age!
                                   I had to show you the difference a day can make. My previous
                                   tablescape now has a good cover of snow after we got 38 cm.!
                                   It does look like winter for sure.

                   It has been quite a winter but tomorrow is another rain day here.
                              Anyway,I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank
                               you for visiting me.

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Winter Beauty
Winter Beauty
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