Shades of White

                                                                       Hello everyone,
                                       I hope you all had a good weekend. It was very spring like
                                       here and we lost a lot of snow and ice.
                                       Sunday afternoon my grand niece Hailey and her Grandmother
                                       came for lunch and a visit. So I dug out my favorite winter
                                      costume and took some shots of my little model.
                                            I heard the owl call my name ~ in Sears at 70% off.
                                                                    So sweet!

                                                        on a different note.......pretty china.
                                             lovely vintage linens from the thrift shop.
                                                                soft & sweet

                 On a different note again I am excited to be part of a garden tour with  Allan
                           Armitage and aprox.25 other gardeners  from Georgia. Allan Armitage is a well
                           known  horticulturist and author and is a frequent contributor to Fine Gardening
                              magazine where I have always enjoyed his articles. If you are a gardener from
                              Georgia it may not be too late to sign up to visit P.E.I gardens the end of July!
                                  If it wasn't for the fact that our garden is buried under the snow, I would be
                                  donning my tilley hat and heading out to the garden now!!!

                                                       Thank you for visiting,



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Shades of White
Shades of White
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