Winter Robins

Hello everyone,

We had a storm day here again with more snow and winds. I am feeling bad for these poor robins
that have been busy going around the garden eating berries and rosehips. We don't normally see them in
the garden until spring unless it is a very mild winter.

                 So there is a pair of them that have been very busy eating the berries outside our
                 kitchen window.

                          I enjoyed watching them come and go and very quietly I took some
                          pictures of them.
                          Any little movement would scare them off at first but they seemed to
                         get used to me after awhile.

                                 It took some patience on my part as they come and go quickly and sometimes
                                 the twigs were in the way or I got a hind end! Maybe,I should stick with photo
                                 graphing my dishes!!!
                                  I made them an orange cup filled with cranberries and raisins to
                                                       see if that would please them but no takers yet.

                I can see why they liked this sheltered little spot with lots of berries and for awhile                                            some heat from the dryer vent.

In the summer we have had robins built their nest on that yew tree right outside
the kitchen window. It was so interesting watching the comings and goings
of raising a little family ~ it does keep them busy for sure.

           Well ,that was my entertainment on this blustery winter afternoon. I hope yours
                        was more productive!

                                                                  Thank you for your visit.
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Winter Robins
Winter Robins
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