Shades of White

                                                                        Hello everyone,
                          Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I am enjoying the light in our kitchen on
                          sunny days so I took a few shots to enjoy. I am also enjoying some spring
                          bulbs that are blooming.
                                     Loving my white amaryllis with a green center.

                                                                    soft whites
                                                  A spot to read in our guest room.
                          While going through my files I found these pics from a few winters ago~ a
                            white outdoor picnic. Every year I like to do an outdoor picnic in winter.
                                                    Lacy linens and cream china.

                I am off to visit my Mom and then we are going for dinner with friends but
                          you can stay and enjoy a cup of tea!

                                                    Thank you for visiting,

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Shades of White
Shades of White
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