Tea Cake and Roses

                                                                  Hello everyone,
                               Today,I was working on an outdoor photo shoot as it was still mild but
                               when I came in I enjoyed a nice cup of hot tea.
                                       A slice of cake went well with it and the pretty chintz tea pot.
                                                        Tea,cake and roses.

                                        Help yourself ~ it is a bakery cake this time.

                                                     Lovely peachy pink roses.
                 We just got home from the rink where our little seven year old grandson
                            was playing hockey. It is amazing to see these little ones play ~ I think
                           they could already skate circles around me and I know for sure they
                           bounce back up faster then I would! All that cheering in a cold rink
                           though means it is time for another cup of hot tea. I wonder if there
                           is any of that cake left?
                              I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday today
                              and Friends Sharing Tea at Bernideen's Tea Time Blog.

                                                                     Thank you for visiting,


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Tea Cake and Roses
Tea  Cake and Roses
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