Cozy Winter White Tea

                                                                    ~ Welcome~
                              With the cold days of winter still upon us I am enjoying having tea
                               by the kitchen bay window that overlooks our snow covered garden.
                                              I have the table set for two so come and join me.
Pecan butterballs......again!

                                                            cranberry orange scones
                                                        I love these beautiful roses.

                                                       Some whipped cream for your scones with jam.

                     From the reports I am hearing, I think much of North America has
                                been getting some real wintry weather lately so what could be nicer
                                then enjoying afternoon tea while admiring the beauty of winter
                                through the window.

On another note someone wrote to ask me where they might find this vintage teapot
but it has no markings on it and I bought it a local antique shop and have no info on
it. Do any of you have any idea on where to find another one online?     

I am joining Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for Friends Sharing Tea today
and My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.               

                                                               Thank you for your visit!
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Cozy Winter White Tea
Cozy Winter White Tea
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