The Island in Winter

                                                               Hello everyone,
         I think a lot of people are looking for spring but there is still lots of beautiful winter days to enjoy
         here first. Sometimes my husband's job means a drive to different parts of the Island and I happy
         to go with him if time allows and take along my camera. So, I thought you might like to come
         along too as Prince Edward Island is beautiful in all seasons.

                         I know I have shared Knox's Dam before but it is just so pretty in all seasons.
                                             North Rustico a pretty fishing village and one of my favorite
                                             summer drives but still pretty in winter.
                                                           A beautiful Island farm
                               A favorite place for me to see at Christmas time especially if we have snow.
                                           I didn't have to go far to see this.....our own little boathouse.

                                             Our neighbors red barn looks pretty against the snow and trees.
                                              The lighthouse in Victoria by the sea.
                                                        a close up shot

Beautiful heritage homes in Summerside (except for lower right one).
                                                               Victoria by the Sea
Driving on country roads in winter we are happy for snow tires and snowplows!
                                                 Our boathouse a few weeks ago in the snow.
             Lastly, a beautiful church in downtown Charlottetown ~ St Dunstan's Basilicia.

                           I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show-off Saturday.

                                Thank you for coming along on the drive and I hope you
                                have a wonderful weekend!

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The Island in Winter
The Island in Winter
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