Garden Relaxation

                                                                     Hello everyone,
                                Today,even though we are still in the midst of winter I was doing a
                                little daydreaming of long summer days spent relaxing in the garden.
                                I think I must have dreamt that we have a couple of full time gardeners
                                if I was thinking I was going to be lazing around in a hammock all day!
                                       Love this little secluded spot surrounded by roses.
                                         Tea on the screened in porch will be lovely after I finish reading
                                         my book!
                                              Breakfast on the veranda to start the day.
                            The old vintage rocker is pretty comfortable for tea also.
Lunch in the garden,anyone?

                                       Lemonade and a cupcake before an afternoon nap?
                                      Martha's Garden is another favorite garden nook.
                                                        Our Chelsea Garden.
                                                         Lots of choices for summer relaxation!

                                                         In case you were wondering, I added the lace
                                                        from an old bed skirt to the umbrella to give it a
                                                       romantic touch.
Phew! What a busy day happy I can sit for a spell 
                   by the pond  and enjoy the beauty of nature or maybe finish
                             that book I have been 'working' on all day.

                             Well, I enjoyed my daydreaming for awhile, but for now I will enjoy my
                             tea and a book by the fireside instead!
                              Now,just in case you think I am a pampered lady......I don't really spend
                              my days moving from hammock to hammock but I can always dream!!!

                                                                         Thank you for visiting,
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Garden Relaxation
Garden Relaxation
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