Blue & White Transferware Winter Tea

                                                                    Hello everyone,
                                    I hope your week is going well. The wind is howling here tonight
                                    and after a couple of mild days the temperature has dropped
                                    again so it is best to be nice and cozy indoors with a cup of tea
                                    and a good book.I had a little trip to the library today and stalked
                                    up on a few.
                                          I haven't used my blue and white transferware for awhile but
                                    it seems like a good time to use it~ it has a warm cozy look to it.

                           Our local hospital gift shop carried these pieces a few years ago but I haven't seen
                           them around here since.

                                      Peanut butter balls and pecan butterballs ~ help yourself!

                                             As usual,my china is a mix and match set.
                     So far, this winter our pond has had too much snow on it for skating so I
                               was hoping our January thaw would give us some good ice but alas only
                               on our driveway and walkway! So for now,I guess I will just have to sip
                               tea and read my books!!!
                                      I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday today.
                                                                          Thank you for visiting,
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Blue & White Transferware Winter Tea
Blue & White  Transferware Winter Tea
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